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ASCI sign in Quat Gallery
Of the many worlds in the Metaverse, the one Quat Gallery is located in...
is a SIM (simulation) named Quat, in a cyber world called Second Life (SL).
For those familiar with SL below is a direct teleport link, otherwise read on.

lounge area in Quat Gallery
SL is 3-dimensional, interactive, real-time,
media screens in Quat Gallery
full spectrum, high definition,
bar area in Quat Gallery
and popular with artists,
pale Infinity's gallery in Quat
who make and sell digital sculpture,
Princeton University SL campus
and with educators,
Stanford University SL Libraries
who are interested in remote education,
NASA's SL Space Island
and with scientists and technologists,
NASA SL Astrobiology Institute
who are interested in digital modeling & conferencing.
Quat Gallery, Quat SIM
If you're already registered, you can click this link for a direct teleport to Quat Gallery in SL:

If you're ready to visit Quat Gallery in SL, but haven't registered for SL yet, begin by registering: Go to www.SecondLife.com. You can register as a Basic member, for free. (Note: only one free membership is allowed per IP address.)

Go to www.SecondLife.com.

Click on Join Now in the upper right corner.

Start filling out the "Join" form.

Your age determines if you may enter adult regions.

The most difficult part of this registration step is selecting your avatar's name. Other details, such as your avatar's appearance and even gender, can be changed later. However, your avatar's name can't ever be changed.

The form asks you to enter a first name,

and then shows you what last names are available.

Hint: If you can't live with any of the last names available, enter a nonsense group of letters as a first name. Because no one will have choosen that as a first name, you will see all the last names currently available.

If you want the first name "John," and the last name "Darkmatter," but "John Darkmatter," is taken, you might then try "Jon Darkmatter," or "Johnny Darkmatter." Using numbers, such as "John123 Darkmatter," is not recommended because (unlike an e-mail address), other avatars are actually going to call you by your avatar name, and avatars with non-numeric, memorable names tend to be more successful in the Metaverse.

Better to try "MrJohn Darkmatter," or "DrJohn Darkmatter," or even, "SirJohn Darkmatter." (Note: in Second Life you really can role play a knight, if you're willing to spend Linden dollars to buy yourself a cyber castle- the Metaverse isn't just all work and no play!) First names taken from literature, or mythology are also popular, e.g. "Hamlet Darkmatter."

Next you're asked to choose a look for your avatar. Don't spend a lot of time on this, because later you can try any of these, and an infinite number of other possible appearances.

Finally you're asked for a security question, and asked to prove you're not a robot. Click "Create Account," when you're finished. Check your e-mail for a confirmation link. Click on that link, and attempt to register. Then click on one of the links below to continue.

I was not able to create an account,
now I need help using SL "Help."

I was able to create an account,
now I'm ready to download the viewer.

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