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Bill Rabinovitch

The Spirit of Evolution
(Stained glass version)

The Anguish of OWS at the Winter Garden

A Cavorting Kree when Mars was Verdant

A Humble Servante


Green Boy

The Marriage of Art

Planet Loreal

Man Up in the Air

Green Eagle

SOHO artist as blues man 2011


picasso drawing 3D

SoHo Dogs

Primitive Instinct

Red Horse

The Bath


Michael Werner

Cy Twombley

Jerry Saltz

Glenn Lowry

Studies for The Iliad

Greek Gods Celebrate Sex

Goddesses Speaking of Achilles & OWS

Mercury visits Achilles

Goddesses & Gods

Picasso as Achilles looking at Kouros
Direct teleport to Bill Rabinovitch's work on Quat Gallery's second floor:

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