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Bill Rabinovitch Résumé

NYC Artist/Filmmaker/ Classical Music Composer with exhibition record of hundreds of art shows & dozens of positive write ups about his art & paintings. Many first awards for his art & decade long cable show on the visual arts -- "ArtSeen". Collections of MoMA, The Whitney, etc.

Moon Voyage, painting by Bill Rabinovitch
1st Moon Voyage
oil on acrylic on canvas, 72 x 108 inches
Bill Rabinovitch © 1969

Bill Rabinovitch began his studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute becoming an engineer, and then a USAF jet pilot, and later a scientist working for Nobel Prize winner in astrophysics Ricardo Giaconni who discovered Quasars.

Western Rider, painting by Bill Rabinovitch
Western Rider
acrylic & glitter on canvas, 40 x 60 inches
Bill Rabinovitch © 1986

Bill finally threw all this to the winds, traded in his Porsche for a VW camper, and moved to San Francisco into the Haight Ashbury area to become a full time painter, a year before anything was there and it all exploded into the Hippie movement. He realized his true calling was in the arts, and after a stint at the SF Art Institute, attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in studio arts in painting. Rabinovitch has an exhibition record of hundreds of art shows and dozens of positive write ups about his video art and paintings. He has several pages of links on Google. His paintings can be seen at www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk.

Primitive Instinct, painting by Bill Rabinovitch
Primitive Instinct
acrylic on canvas
60 x 48 inches
Bill Rabinovitch © 1981
Red Horse, painting by Bill Rabinovitch
The Red Horse
acrylic on canvas
96 x 84 inches
Bill Rabinovitch © 1977

Rabinovitch was able to combine his knowledge and skills in art and engineering in the developing medium of video art. He was a collaborator with Nam June Paik. As a videographer, Rabinovitch has developed the largest video archive of unique NYC art world material in existence. The archive includes over two thousand hours of coverage of both high end gallery and museum openings as well as the alternative NYC art scene he's continuously documented over the past twenty years. For over a decade he exhibited this footage on his award winning cable TV series, ArtSeen.

The Museum of Modern Art awarded Rabinovitch a solo evening of selected segments from his archive which was shown on the big screen in the MoMA Cineprobe series in the Titus Theater in the spring of 2001. He's produced a series of prize winning fictionalized multimedia plays for television about artists such as Picasso, Max Beckmann, Frida Kahlo, Egon Schiele and Julian Schnabel. Several have won first awards including his "Picasso and the Weeping Women" done in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

DVD cover for Picasso and the Weeping Women by Bill Rabinovitch
DVD cover for Picasso and the Weeping Women by Bill Rabinovitch
Picasso and the Weeping Women
director's cut, edition of 9 DVDs

Bill Rabinovitch © 2006

Rabinovitch spent years recreating the Jackson Pollock legend in his DV feature Pollock Squared. He enlisted a wide cast of art world denizens who resemble the characters they play in this upbeat romantic epic covering a hundred years in the history of modern art. In this version Pollock doesn’t die in the car crash. Rabinovitch uses improvizational techniques to reveal the impact of Pollock on contemporary artists. His feature includes appearances by artists such Dennis Oppenheim, Damien Hirst, Vito Acconci, Collette, Barnaby Ruhe, and more than a dozen contemporary art historians, critics, dealers, and art world figures such as Arthur Danto, Kurt Vonnegut, Lee Klein, and Willoughby Sharp. Highlights from the feature were shown during the ATOA panel titled, Pollock Passion.

View Pollock Squared Trailer

(4.4 Meg QuickTime file)

Rabinovitch is quoted extensively throughout an ambitious Jackson Pollock 2006 coffee table book, "Veiling the Image," by Don Wigal (Parkstone Press) favorably comparing Bill's own Indie feature about Jackson Pollock, as well as Bill's directorial and creative efforts, with Ed Harris's version, Pollock. The website for Bill's Pollock film is: www.PollockSquared.com.

Currently Rabinovitch is starting pre-production work on his next two video features. One is an epic dark comedy titled, "The Battle-of-Armageddon." The other, which he has just started doing pre-production sketches for, is a reinterpretation of The Iliad connecting ancient and modern times.

The site for the indie feature, Battle-of-Armageddon
A Dark Comedy by Video Artist
Bill Rabinovitch

Bill Rabinovitch was also a member of the ATOA Board of Directors. He organized several ATOA panels, and he generously donated the print pictured below to the last ATOA Auction. His ATOA panels include a one-on-one dialogue with New Yorker Magazine art critic Peter Schjeldahl and another with Artnet's Walter Robinson. He organized a panel titled, Pollock Passion, which included Arthur Danto, art critic for The Nation, Helen Harrison director of the Pollock Krasner House & Study Center and Deborah Solomon, the New York Times reporter.

The Bath, Bill Rabinovitch
The Bath, 1992, 29 x 35 inches, Serigraph
The Bath
serigraph, 29 x 35 inches
Bill Rabinovitch © 1992

Solo SL Exhibitions

2008 Perfect Paradise Gallery
2009 Quat Gallery
2010 Quat Gallery
2011 Quat Gallery
2012 Quat Gallery
        The Church of Art

Solo RL Exhibitions

2001 Museum of Modern Art, Cineprobe series in the Titus Theater

Recent RL Group Exhibitions

2010 "The Whitney Micro Counterweight," organized by Dr.Barnaby Ruhe, H215 Gallery, NYC.

Direct teleport to Bill Rabinovitch's work on Quat Gallery's second floor:

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