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Finding Quat Gallery in SL

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If you've learned to move, you can begin your quest: to search for Quat Gallery.
Help Island ca. 2007

Click the "Search" button at the bottom center of your viewer.

Search Groups

When a screen pops up, click on the tab that reads "Groups." The Groups window appears.


Next type "Quat" in the search bar.

Search box button

Then click "Search."

ASCI text listing

The Quat text listing appears. Click "Quat."

ASCI Group listing

The Quat Gallery window appears.


Click "View full profile"

ASCI Group listing

Click "Join(L$0)" L$0 means zero Linden dollars, i.e. it's free to join.


Again click "Join" to prove you're serious about joining.

ASCI Group listing

Click "OK".


Double click the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quat/137/88/54/

Teleport window

The teleport window appears.

Teleport window button

Click "teleport now."

ASCI landmark

A landmark window pops up.

ASCI landmark teleport button

Click its "Teleport" button when you want to go to Quat Galley.

You can easily find this Quat landmark again when you need it.

Click "Inventory."

The Inventory window opens. Click "Landmarks."

When you click "Landmarks," a list of your landmarks drops down. Double click the Quat Gallery landmark to bring up its teleport window. Then click its "Teleport" button as was shown above.

We suggest you learn what you can from Help Island before moving on to Quat and Quat Gallery.

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